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The Clean and Narrow A motion picture drama.  A love triangle dealing with the frustrations of living in a small repressed refinery town in Texas.

Through A Monocle with J.K. Melling - J.K. is our “slightly off” host who introduces us to museums and collections that are slightly off the beaten track in this fascinating television series 

The Outdoor Classroom – Countering the epidemic of childhood obesity, this program introduces the idea that anything that can be taught indoors can be taught better outdoors

Valley Forge…to remember – Produced for Valley Forge National Historical Park, this take-away video helps visitors extend their experience and understanding of the suffering, sacrifice and ultimate triumph that took place here.

Autism Town Meeting - Conceived to provide hope, resources and support for people who wrestle with the fog of autism in their lives.

Diplomas Now – Every 26 seconds, a student in America drops out of school.  This program is helping to turn that devastating crisis around

The Revolutionary - A biblical epic shot in Tunisia and South Africa.

And When They Came for Me – Produced for the Anti-Defamation League, this educational video is a reminder that evil flourishes when good people do nothing

Stepping Up: America Responds to Global AIDS – A documentary that reminds us of the unique responsibility our nation has in supporting those who suffer in less developed countries

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